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Authentic Sheep Skins

Authentic Sheep Skins

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These authentic sheep skins are processed (skinned, salted and dried) right here on our farm, by me, then sent to a finisher which takes 6-8 months. Our sheepskins are one of a kind, stunning pieces for your home. Each pelt takes hours of painstaking work to save, cure, clean and tan each one into a beautiful heirloom. These gorgeous sheep skins have major health benefits, which you can read more about over on my blog. Soft, dense and amazing. Get em' while they last, as they go fast! Though each one differs slightly, each one is approximately 3'x4'.

Sheepskins come with care instructions. These are not machine washable; treat them like a suede jacket. We recommend keeping sheepskins off the floor/high traffic areas and dry at all times. 

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