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Custom Cyanotype Collaboration

Custom Cyanotype Collaboration

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Your Clothes + My Farm Grown and Pressed Flowers Printed using Cyanotype.


Maybe you have a favorite pair of jeans, shorts, or even coveralls that you would love to have printed on. Once our flower season ends and our favorite cuts are being pressed for printing, you can ship your item to me, and I will create a beautiful, deep cyan-cyanotype using our home-grown flowers. 

Since our busy season, here on the farm is from April-December, I will only be taking custom orders in January-March. 

High-quality and light-colored denim or workwear work best. Please no dark-washed or black items. 

Please ship your item to me, once you have checked out. Turnaround time is 2-4 weeks and you will be notified when your item is ready to ship out. 

Custom pieces are non-refundable. 

After learning about Cyanotype in college, I was determined to include our farms pressed cut flowers in wearable art (my everyday garden clothes). I combined the two things that I've surrounded myself with in the past few years and have so much to teach you. Let me save you enormous amounts of time and research learning this fantastic printing method discovered by John Fredrick Herschel in 1842. 



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