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Cyanotype Workshop | Creating Beautiful Wearable Art and Printing with Photo Negatives

Cyanotype Workshop | Creating Beautiful Wearable Art and Printing with Photo Negatives

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Workshop Details:

Join us for an exclusive 4-day workshop where I'll be pulling back the curtain on my studio, revealing the proprietary techniques behind captivating cyanotype artistry. Now available in Spanish, French and German languages!

After learning about Cyanotype in college, I was determined to include our farms pressed cut flowers in wearable art (my everyday garden clothes). I combined the two things that I've surrounded myself with in the past few years and have so much to teach you. Let me save you enormous amounts of time and research learning this fantastic printing method discovered by John Fredrick Herschel in 1842. 

What You'll Discover:

An Introduction to Cyanotype and Exploring Creative Methods, Gathering Materials and Tools, Preparing your Workspace, Coating Fabric with Cyanotype Solution, Creating Cyanotype Wearable Art, (how to get around buttons, zippers, and thick seams) Adding Extra Touches, Tricks for Success, Cyanotype Timeline (printable) How to Care & and Preserve Your Cyanotyped Clothing, How to Print a Photo with Cyanotype, Step-By-Step Guide (printable), 10 Mistakes I’ve Made, (so you don't have to), Troubleshooting + Inspiration and Printable Botanical Negative and 40-minute Instructional Video.

    Reserve your spot today and unlock the secrets to creating the beautiful, deep contrasts of cyanotype multimedia and wearable art!

    This is a digital product in PDF format that will be sent to your email inbox after purchase.  This includes 25 pages of printables, easy-to-read instructional workbook, and 40 minutes of step-by-step video tutorials.

    This workshop will be yours to go back and forth through as you wish. 

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